Four-row Cylindrical Roller Bearing 2017-06-26 10:09:52
Four-row cylindrical roller bearings are mainly designed to use on the roll neck for the steel rolling mills. They are now the most popular steel rolling mill bearings for rolling mill stands of long products.

With 4 rows of rollers, the bearings will carry high capacity and allow greater radial load. Professional manufacturers (like ESG Bearing) will use contoured rollers to better distribute the load to the whole bearing and improve the performance of the bearing.

Usually, the cage of the bearing will be machined brass finger cage and steel finger cage. Brass cage will have less noise and better heat dissipation, while steel cage will have better impact resistance.

The inner race is separable from the outer races, which is more convenient for assembling. Thus this will also improve the rolling efficiency for processing.

Radial clearance for this bearing is generally executed in C3 or C4 for good performance. The accuracy tolerance is usually P6 or P5, so that the bearing will have good precision and reduce friction during processing.

Four-row cylindrical roller bearings will undergo stabilization treatment with high temperature. This will allows the bearings to use under temperatures up to 150° C, without any particular dimensional change.

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